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Designing intricate user interfaces & audio software

Designing Audio and UI for the SaaS industry
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Great design is invisible, it's not distracting, it's intuitive. Users should feel connected without thought or worry. It should feel effortless.

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20+ years experience
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Fueled by a passion for crafting distinct UI and GUI's. I breathe life into designs that elevate products and give a seamless experience.

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Graphical User Interface

Designing the foundations for software application or device that a user interacts with, it focuses more on aesthetics, aiming to create visually pleasing and engaging interfaces.

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UI & UX Designer

I help business creating intuitive and user friendly interfaces for the SaaS industry B2B and B2C. Focusing on how the user uses your software, the flow and rhythm of the interface.

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What my clients say...
Jerome Meunier

We highly recommend Mark for your graphic design projects. He recently assisted us in exploring various concepts for a project, and his work was exceptional. Mark demonstrated remarkable efficiency and impressively fast turnaround times. He was attentive to our requests, ensuring that our vision was brought to life, while also incorporating his own creative ideas seamlessly. Mark's professionalism, creativity, and commitment to delivering high-quality results make him an invaluable asset to any design team.

Andrew Scott

I hired Mark for a week to try him out on designing some product interfaces and reusable assets for upcoming releases. Mark is evidently a pro. He was able to quickly create several high quality mockups (seriously, he did in a day what I've had others do in weeks!). From there he was extremely open to feedback, and provided fast revisions until the direction was clear. From there he iterated until the final product was more than I'd hoped for. I already have plans to book him in for more work across many facets of my business. 10/10.

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Final Orb Design
Client work
Orb Concept
Client work
Final Ableton GUI Concept
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